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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhepatiche‧pat‧ic /hɪˈpætɪk/ adjective [only before noun] medical  relating to your liver
Examples from the Corpus
hepaticThe composition of phospholipids in human hepatic and gall bladder bile has been studied by a number of investigators during recent years.In this study, a significantly greater total lipid concentration was found in the hepatic bile of cholesterol gall stone patients.Until now there have been few reports on hepatic failure caused by disorders of mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation.Most other cases of severe hepatic injury associated with NSAIDs have occurred within weeks to months of starting treatment.Thiol oxidation, lipid peroxidation, and activation of hepatic macrophages also occur.In most situations this seems to be a direct effect of insulin on the hepatic production of IGFBP-1.Plasma hepatic transaminase activities were raised and a diagnosis of alcoholic hepatitis was made.In one patient, the diagnosis of sclerosing cholangitis became apparent only after examination of the native liver after hepatic transplantation.
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