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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishheraldryher‧ald‧ry /ˈherəldri/ noun [uncountable]  AVDSSFthe study of coats of armsheraldic /heˈrældɪk/ adjective
Examples from the Corpus
heraldryA representative from the College of Arms had kindly agreed to come and talk about heraldry.They were probably introduced as a spin-off from the revived interest in heraldry in the early eighteenth century.In heraldry the shield is described from the aspect of its bearer, not its viewer.Although the majority of depositum plates were rectangular, a few followed the dictates of heraldry.It was faultless, like an illustration from a book on heraldry, or an enormous butterfly pinned by a heartless collector.He looked, with his long, Norman face, like an illustration in a book on heraldry.The heraldry of day-to-day: a cat couchant on bricks; a baby in a push-chair blowing a trumpet very loudly.She never forgot his name as she connected it with heraldry.
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