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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishherehere /hɪə $ hɪr/ ●●● S1 W1 adverb  1 HEREin this place What are you doing here? Shall we eat here? Come here for a minute. This switch here controls the lights. My friend here will show you the way.up/down/in/out here What was she doing up here in the woods? Would you close the window? It’s cold in here. Come on. I’m over here. Will you be back here tonight? There are no good pubs round here. Let’s settle the matter here and now.2 HAPPENat this point in time Spring is here at last. Here is your chance to change your life. Here is where the trouble starts.3 here and thereSPOKEN PHRASES4 here is/are something5 GIVEOFFERused when you are giving or offering something to someone Here, have my chair. I don’t mind standing.6 here you are/here you go7 NOWat this point in a discussion Here I’d like to add a note of caution. There is no space to discuss this issue here. I’m not sure what you mean here.8 here goes!9 here we go10 here’s to somebody/something11 here he/she etc is12 here we are13 here comes somebody/something14 British English used to get someone’s attention or to show that you are annoyed Here! Just what do you think you’re doing?15 here we go again16 here to stay17 here, there, and everywhere18 neither here nor there19 the here and now20 somebody/something is here to do something21 here he/she etc is (doing something)GRAMMAR: Patterns with hereYou use here on its own, when you are talking about a place or organization: The people here are poor.Do you work here? Don’t say: The people in here are poor. | Do you work in here?You use in here when talking about the inside of a building, room, cupboard etc: It’s crowded in here.There aren’t enough chairs in here.You say come here: Before I came here, I didn’t speak any English. Don’t say: come to here USAGE: Here is, there isUse here is when giving or showing something to someone: Here is the book you wanted.Use there is or there are to say what is in a place: There are many species of birds here. Don’t say: Here are many species of birds.
Examples from the Corpus
hereThe keys were right here 15 minutes ago. Where did they go?Let's eat here.But then Gillian came along, and everything starts here.Or do you think he would like to come here?Such decisions should not be made here.Did you grow up around here?This is not what we are talking about here.How far is Denver from here?I know a good Japanese restaurant not far from here.I think Jeff lives somewhere near here.If we win this game, it should be pretty easy from here.They got here about 15 minutes before you did.They were right here, all around him, every day.You don't live here and now.I'll stay here and wait for the others.Ken was supposed to be here at ten.We've lived here for over a year now."Where are you?" "I'm down here in the basement."The real question here is whether he is qualified for the job.I love it here - it's so quiet and peaceful near the ocean.I don't want to be anywhere near here when the sun comes up.Now that she thought about it, he was just about the only person here whom she felt like trusting with Anna.here and nowShow me your evidence right here and now.I invite him to be more forthcoming here and now.The more desperately he seeks, the more he distances himself from any fulfillment here and now.Their history, their grappling with the meaning of freedom, was here and now.There is a case, however, for tackling the subject, at least initially, here and now.They were living their memories, I thought, here and now.What had mattered was the here and now.What is important is the here and now.You don't live here and now.