Language: Old English
Origin: her


here S1 W1
1 in this place:
What are you doing here?
Shall we eat here?
Come here for a minute.
This switch here controls the lights.
My friend here will show you the way.
up/down/in/out here
What was she doing up here in the woods?
Would you close the window? It's cold in here.
Come on. I'm over here.
Will you be back here tonight?
There are no good pubs round here.
I'm resigning here and now.
2 at this point in time:
Spring is here at last.
Here is your chance to change your life.
Here is where the trouble starts.

here and there

scattered around or happening in several different places:
The house just needs a bit of paint here and there.
4 spoken

here is/are something

also here it is/here they are
a) used when you are giving something to someone, or showing something to them:
Here's the money you lent me.
Here are some pictures of John when he was little.
b) used when you have found something you were looking for:
Have you seen my pen? Oh, here it is.
5 spoken used when you are giving or offering something to someone:
Here, have my chair. I don't mind standing.
6 spoken

here you are/here you go

used when you are giving something to someone:
Here you are, a boxful of tools.
'Here you go.' Callum handed her a glass of orange juice.
7 spoken at this point in a discussion:
Here I'd like to add a note of caution.
There is no space to discuss this issue here.
I'm not sure what you mean here.
8 spoken

here goes!

also here we go used when you are going to try to do something difficult or dangerous, and you do not know what will happen:
I've never ridden a motorbike before, so here goes!
9 spoken

here we go

used when you are starting to do something or when something is starting to happen:
Right, here we go, the game's starting.
10 spoken

here's to somebody/something

used when you are going to drink something to wish someone good luck, show your respect for them etc:
Here's to the happy couple.
Here's to your new job.
11 spoken

here he/she etc is

also somebody/something is here used to say that someone or something has arrived:
Here they are, late as usual.
Ah, look - here's the postman.
Tony's here for his messages.
12 spoken

here we are

used when you have finally arrived somewhere you were travelling to:
Here we are - home at last.
13 spoken

here comes somebody/something

used when you can see something or someone arriving:
Here comes lunch.
14 spoken British English used to get someone's attention or to show that you are annoyed:
Here! Just what do you think you're doing?

here we go again

informal used when something unpleasant is beginning to happen again:
Most of us are peaceful and decent, but here we go again, in our fifth war of this century.

here to stay

if something is here to stay, it has become a part of life and will continue to be so:
Mobile phones are definitely here to stay.

here, there, and everywhere

informal in many different places:
I spent the weekend driving the kids here, there, and everywhere.

neither here nor there

not important:
You never liked him much, did you?' 'What I think about him is neither here nor there. He's your friend.'

the here and now

the present time
in the here and now
To be able to live fully in the here and now, one must first learn how to honour the past.

somebody/something is here to do something

used to say what someone or something's duty or purpose is:
We're here to serve you.

here he/she etc is (doing something)

used to describe the present situation, especially one you did not expect to happen:
Here I am in Fiji!

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