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here and there

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhere and therehere and thereSPREADscattered around or happening in several different places The house just needs a bit of paint here and there. here
Examples from the Corpus
here and thereSprigs of parsley were tucked here and there around the chicken.Men go down here and there before your eyes.She looked like a pixie sometimes, her eyes darting here and there, for ever watchful.Rushes grew here and there in clumps across the pasture.His hair, cut short, was flattened here and there, like an animal's fur when it is out of sorts.But here and there some found action on this very camp, and didn't live to tell the tale.Late summer had exhausted much of the greenness, and here and there the ground showed through in brown, dusty patches.Audible gasps rose here and there together with short, whispered words and the murmur of anticipation.The landscape is a stony desert, smeared here and there with sulphur compounds.
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