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here he/she etc is (doing something)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhere he/she etc is (doing something)here he/she etc is (doing something)used to describe the present situation, especially one you did not expect to happen Here I am in Fiji! here
Examples from the Corpus
here he/she etc is (doing something)And here she is, all freshly powdered.Anyhow, here he is at the bottom, and ready to be introduced to you.Her own said that she should never teach, and here she is doing it.Sam Sheppard knew Richard Eberling and here he is fighting with this intruder through the house and he never recognized him.But here he is, in full measured flood.I mean, here he is, installed at the Priory.Yet here he is, pleading for the life of the stubborn nation that caused him nothing but trouble!And now here she is, staying at my house.
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