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here we are

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhere we arehere we areused when you have finally arrived somewhere you were travelling to Here we are – home at last. here
Examples from the Corpus
here we areI know I read it somewhere... Here we go! It's at the bottom of page 78.Just a Yes, here we are.But here we are faced with a dilemma.Okay, here we are for the Final Jeopardy round.And here we are, four years later, reading of another fracas in another rust-belt town.Oh and here we are going to a tango lesson.Here we are home again!And here we are in one of the most notoriously capricious seas in the world, aboard a fantastic yacht called 2041.So we bargained, and here we are, in the house.However, here we are not to be intimidated and held off.
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