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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhereaboutshere‧a‧bouts /ˌhɪərəˈbaʊts, ˈhɪərəbaʊts $ ˌhɪr-, ˈhɪr-/ adverb  NEARsomewhere near the place where you are There must be a pub hereabouts.
Examples from the Corpus
hereaboutsWhere can a person get a good pastrami sandwich hereabouts?But what of the sad, cramped hells, we know lie hidden hereabouts?His name was Sir Humphrey Agnew, and he had consorted with a witch hereabouts.Not the usual patient-to-physician ratio, even hereabouts.So, I quickly went into a story about how it was in the 1920s, buying timber hereabouts.You hear it over and over, talking with folks hereabouts.It offers another good opportunity to see what younger artists hereabouts are up to.And I've lived hereabouts since I were born.
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