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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishheretoforehere‧to‧fore /ˌhɪətʊˈfɔː $ ˈhɪrtʊfɔːr/ adverb formal 🔊 🔊 BEFOREbefore this time 🔊 In recent years, we have seen greater emphasis than heretofore on the voice of the consumer.
Examples from the Corpus
heretoforeI can be of more service vis-à-vis your ambitions than I have heretofore.One has to begin to view oneself entirely differently from the way one has considered oneself heretofore.We have to allow the impressions a chance to be received by our minds differently, not as heretofore.The man-in-the-moon face had always heretofore been tilted a little downward with an expression of compassion.This year, the draft will present a situation that heretofore has not existed, and it promises to generate confrontations galore.The four-volume set includes old favorites as well as heretofore unreleased material.B-52s went all-out, bombing vital targets that were heretofore untouched, such as Haiphong Harbor.
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