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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishheritageher‧i‧tage1 /ˈherətɪdʒ/ ●○○ noun [singular, uncountable]  1 SANthe traditional beliefs, values, customs etc of a family, country, or societyinheritance the importance of preserving the national heritage beautiful old buildings which are part of our heritagecultural/architectural/literary etc heritage the cultural heritage of Italy2 (of) mixed/multiple heritage
Examples from the Corpus
heritageThe town takes great pride in its architectural heritage.To have a Musketeer present detracted from the true Bonifacio heritage.Explore the cathedral heritage centres, Roman ruins.Without the requirement of legal deposit for electronic information libraries may lose touch with the information heritage.Looking at these paintings makes people proud of their Latin heritage.Male speaker It's taking away part of our national heritage.These works of art are considered of great importance to Russia's national heritage.Our aim is to make the performing arts, museums and our heritage accessible to all.It is a rich heritage gradually disappearing as Aborigines become urbanized, Europeanized and victimized.The Woodland Trust is dedicated to protecting one of the most important features of Britain's heritage - our native broadleaved woodland.What they learn in school about writing helps to preserve and reclaim that heritage.The castle is part of the heritage of Wales and should be preserved for the people of Wales.cultural/architectural/literary etc heritageIt will also enable the schoolroom to be retained as a building of cultural and architectural heritage.They viewed Daley as being closer to the new element than to his political and cultural heritage namely, them.Unlike these cities, Dublin is thought of first and foremost for its literary heritage, rather than for its art.The price they paid was my cultural heritage.Over the past few decades, however, the approach to conservation and protection of our cultural heritage has changed.The two countries share an overlapping cultural heritage, yet in many ways the tension between them is more impressive.They will encourage public and private efforts aimed at the preservation of the cultural heritage in their States. 40.
heritageheritage2 adjective British English [only before noun]  a heritage vegetable or plant is one of a kind that was first grown many years ago, and has now become rare or unusual syn heirloom We grow heritage varieties of vegetables.
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