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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhermeticallyher‧met‧ic‧ally /həˈmetɪkli $ hər-/ adverb technical   hermetically sealedhermetic adjective
Examples from the Corpus
hermeticallyThe would-be island, now with hermetically sealed borders and excluding all but a few tourists, is full of noises.Space and time can not be regarded as hermetically sealed domains.Insiders are hermetically sealed from the intrusion of outsiders by the assumption of zero labour turnover.Racism is the product of impenetrable or hermetically sealed minds.I think we need to be theoretically and politically clear that no single culture is hermetically sealed off from others.The two approaches, therefore, are not hermetically sealed units, impenetrable to each other.Each is a hermetically sealed universe, bumping off the others with very little cross-pollination.
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