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heroiche‧ro‧ic /hɪˈrəʊɪk $ -ˈroʊ-/ ●○○ adjective  1 BRAVEADMIREextremely brave or determined, and admired by many people syn courageous her heroic efforts to save her family Lawrence’s heroic struggle against his destiny She portrayed him as a heroic figure.see thesaurus at brave2 ALa heroic story, poem etc has a hero in it, usually from ancient legends3 on a heroic scale/of heroic proportionsheroically /-kli/ adverb
Examples from the Corpus
heroicOne of their sons, whom I particularly envied for his heroic biceps, was named Eleven.And perhaps their finest stroke was the casting of rapper Ice-T as a heroic, charismatic crack baron.The wicked characters are imprisoned, and Wilkin is made a captain for his heroic deed in battle.Soldiers made heroic efforts to get all the civilians out of the city.Peter de la Billiere, will no longer be welcome at the table of the heroic fighting force he once led.The film is a warm tribute to the heroic pilots of C Division.Although the nationalists put up heroic resistance, the revolt was crushed in three days.But few were ready to engage in heroic resistance to the last.Amy Johnson is famous for her heroic solo flight from Britain to Australia in 1930.It represents a heroic transcendence of the most powerful drives of men.heroic figureSecond, our victory in the Cold War has reduced the need to make our leaders into heroic figures.Leapor portrays Edwy as a heroic figure and a good husband.If the man is held up constantly as a heroic figure, excuses are made for him.That man was scarcely a heroic figure, however genial and powerful in manpower, but never ambitious to lead.That heroic figure never appears onscreen.The Reich chapter, by contrast, draws us away from individual heroic figures towards collective creativity.Other heroic figures which figure in the monthly ritual dances are equipped in the same way.
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