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herringher‧ring /ˈherɪŋ/ noun (plural herrings or herring) [countable]  HBFa long thin silver sea fish that can be eaten red herring
Examples from the Corpus
herringHerring, herring! until you were sick to death of them.Girls, caught by the arm, have snow rubbed into their hair like salt into a herring.When a herring meets its end, it is usually in the mouth of a bigger fish or a in a net.I., resident, as he sifted through a group of dead herring and scat on East Matunuck Beach.A few dozen herring here or there; nobody troubled: every child went home with a few dozen herring on a string.One issue between these parties was whether the herring meal supplied corresponded with the description.The herring was never quite considered a member of the fish family.Those herring fishing days are gone.
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