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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhesitancyhes‧i‧tan‧cy /ˈhezətənsi/ (also hesitance /-təns/) noun [uncountable]  NOT SUREwhen someone is uncertain or slow in doing or saying something
Examples from the Corpus
hesitancyBut there was always a hesitancy about it.Here, the gentle hesitancy of the blind.Sensing Ann's hesitancy, Louella added quickly, "We won't stay long."There was a certainty - a vitality - in his every movement, such that even the slightest hesitancy was telling.Or else he was pretending some hesitancy if the question proved delicate.That explains the hesitancy of my memory.A few candidates may virtually eliminate themselves by their hesitancy and you can even consider refusing to continue the interview.She answered effortlessly, fluently, without hesitancy, aided by her innate gift for words.
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