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hessianhes‧si‧an /ˈhesiən $ ˈheʃən/ noun [uncountable]  British EnglishDT thick rough cloth sometimes used for making sacks syn burlap American English
Examples from the Corpus
hessianAt one end green plastic sheeting and hessian cloth provided shade from the desert sun.A mile or two away a line of froth delineated the beach and along it Impressionistic strokes suggested stick and hessian shelters.Apply grasscloth in the same way as paper-back hessian, smoothing the material in place with soft roller.Our bedroom curtains were made of brown hessian.Thin, blue-white tentacles of fire stabbed from ceiling to floor, from desk to hessian screen.They worked all day in the mud; at night they slept on compacted mud under hessian lean-tos.
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