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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishheuristicsheu‧ris‧tics /hjʊˈrɪstɪks/ noun [uncountable] formal  SELEARNthe study of how people use their experience to find answers to questions or to improve performance
Examples from the Corpus
heuristicsThey are computer programs pumped full of plain old knowledge and heuristics lore from experts who lend their wisdom.In contrast, expert systems rely heavily on heuristics, or rules of thumb, which are much less formal.It is as if neural networks are developing their own heuristics as they go through the iterations.It is possible, however, to perform some heuristics on known dangers.
From Longman Business Dictionaryheuristicsheu‧ris‧tics /hjʊˈrɪstɪks/ noun [uncountable] formal a method of solving problems by trying different things and seeing what happens, rather than using specific tests that you know will produce particular resultsExpert Systems use knowledge and heuristics to solve complex problems.
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