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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishheydayhey‧day /ˈheɪdeɪ/ noun [countable usually singular]  PERIOD OF TIMEPOPULARthe time when someone or something was most popular, successful, or powerfulin somebody’s heyday Greta Garbo in her heyday
Examples from the Corpus
heydayThe huge sell-out reformation shows earlier this year were something they never achieved in their chart heyday.However, its culinary heyday came to an end with the approach of the Napoleonic wars.In his heyday a driving but discreet drummer, he specialized in playing with brushes rather than sticks.The building had originally been a manor house and must have looked beautiful in its heyday.In its heyday it must have been a good little vehicle, but now it was definitely finished.In its heyday it was so popular long queues built up outside its shops.Yet this is the first serious attempt to write about the revolution since the heyday of the early 1970s.The pair crossed swords in the eighties during their heyday with rivals Liverpool and United.
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