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hi-fihi-fi /ˈhaɪ faɪ, ˌhaɪ ˈfaɪ/ noun (plural hi-fis) [countable] old-fashioned  APMTCRa piece of high-quality electronic equipment for playing recorded music syn stereohi-fi adjective hi-fi speakers
Examples from the Corpus
hi-fiIt is absolutely vital to the sales of a popular car, a hi-fi radio, a camera or an evening dress.Peter sounds off I first became interested in car hi-fi about five years ago.And one for the road, the last word in car hi-fi.This was to be the turning point for me in terms of Car hi-fi.If company cars, company fitted-kitchens or company hi-fi seem to do the trick, sad but fine.In the living-room, a smoked glass hi-fi dominated the mahogany wall unit, huge speakers beside it.His family have bought him a new hi-fi for Christmas.Many students arrive at college with a new hi-fi, camera, radio, etc., which are cherished possessions.
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