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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhiddenhid‧den1 /ˈhɪdn/ verb  the past participle of hidehiddenhidden2 ●●○ adjective  1 HIDE/MAKE IT HARD TO FIND OR SEEdifficult to see or find the use of hidden cameras Some areas can hold hidden dangers for dogs. the hidden meaning behind his words Be on the lookout for hidden costs in hotel bills.2 HIDE/NOT SHOWnot easy to notice or realize He wants each pupil to have the chance to discover hidden talents.3 hidden agenda
Examples from the Corpus
hiddenHe's always joking around to make sure his true feelings stay hidden.Even after years of psychiatric treatment, she was full of hidden anger.One strategy in theorizing family law is to uncover hidden assumptions concerning both family and law.I've got the kids' presents all hidden away ready for Christmas day.She contrasts materials, symbolic objects and images in a way that begins to reveal hidden emotions and aspects of identity.The pit was hidden from view by branches and leaves that had been laid across it.She kept the letters hidden in a box in her closet.The lyrics of most of his songs have some hidden meaning.Under the lampshade Harry discovered a hidden microphone.The centre of Dixie's shirt caves in instantly, as if a hidden mouth inside had sucked at it and vomited blood.New methods of non-linear local regression can reveal hidden patterns in a scatterplot.We should not forget our animal origins or our brain's capacity to malfunction or the hidden potential of the unconscious mind.Northern Ireland provides a particularly clear illustration of the sometimes hidden problems involved in majoritarian thinking about democracy.Risk is the hidden reason behind many failures to sell.You can dance and sing! I never realized you had so many hidden talents.The overt thing was that we came in from outside, but I think the hidden thing was that we were women.Hidden video cameras were used to improve security.hidden talentsYou may be surprised to find hidden talents, new opportunities and unexpected ways forward.
From Longman Business Dictionaryhiddenhid‧den /ˈhɪdn/ adjective hidden costs, charges etc are difficult to notice, for example because they are not included in the basic price of somethingMake sure you’re clear about what you are paying for, as there may be hidden extras.The current system imposes dozens of hidden taxes on each enterprise.
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