Language: Old English
Origin: hydan


1 verb
hide1 S2 W2 past tense hid past participle hidden
1 [transitive] to deliberately put or keep something or someone in a place where they cannot easily be seen or found
hide something in/under/behind etc
Marcia hid the pictures in her desk drawer.
She keeps a bottle of gin hidden behind a stack of books.
hide something/somebody from somebody
He was accused of trying to hide evidence from the police.
2 [transitive] to cover something so that it cannot be seen clearly:
The church roof was half hidden by trees.
Her tangled hair hid her face.
3 [intransitive] to go or stay in a place where no one will see or find you:
Quick, he's coming! We'd better hide.
hide in/under/behind etc
Harry hid under the bed.
hide from somebody
Weiss spent two years hiding from the Nazis.
4 [transitive] to keep someone in a place where other people will not find them:
The old woman hid him in her cellar for three days.
hide somebody from somebody
We'll have to hide him from the soldiers.
5 [transitive] to keep your real feelings, plans, or the truth secret, so that they cannot be known by other people
hide your disappointment/embarrassment/confusion etc
She laughed to hide her nervousness.
He took off his ring to hide the fact that he was married.
He told the jury that he is innocent and has nothing to hide.
hide something from somebody
Don't try to hide anything from me.

➔ hide your light under a bushel

at bushel

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