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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhiggledy-piggledyhig‧gle‧dy-pig‧gle‧dy /ˌhɪɡəldi ˈpɪɡəldi/ adjective  UNTIDYthings that are higgledy-piggledy are mixed together in an untidy way syn untidyhiggledy-piggledy adverb
Examples from the Corpus
higgledy-piggledyAnother problem is that the chains in polyacetylene are not neatly ordered, but convoluted and higgledy-piggledy.They lay about higgledy-piggledy but were obviously intended to be set up as practice jumps.She collected up the letters and stuffed them back, higgledy-piggledy, into their brown paper and cardboard nest.Ideally it should be laid in a fine carpet and not in higgledy-piggledy lumps that bream can break down to easy mouthfuls.These had been thrown into the Muniment Room in the most higgledy-piggledy manner over at least two centuries.He glanced at all the bits of paper hanging higgledy-piggledy on the furniture and walls.
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