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High Court

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High CourtˌHigh ˈCourt noun [countable usually singular]  SCLa court of law that is at a higher level than ordinary courts and that can be asked to change the decisions of a lower court
Examples from the Corpus
High CourtHe can bring proceedings for a High Court injunction to stop the publication of a misleading advertisement.Initially only the High Court had jurisdiction to award provisional damages.She could apply to the magistrates or the High Court for an order in her favour.Mr McNally said a bail application would be made to the High Court on Friday.The third category for the purposes of review was the High Court.The High Court is a court of first instance which has unlimited jurisdiction.
From Longman Business DictionaryHigh CourtˈHigh Court [singular]LAW1an important court in London, that deals mainly with CIVIL (=not criminal) cases for England and WalesA top sportswoman was awarded £230,981 damages in the High Court yesterday after being knocked down by a motorcycle.2an important court in Scotland for criminal and CIVIL casesA man who was caught in possession of a stolen famous painting has been jailed for 18 months at the High Court in Edinburgh. court
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