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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhigh-gradeˌhigh-ˈgrade adjective [only before noun]  BESTof the best quality high-grade beef
Examples from the Corpus
high-gradeCorned beef is prepared by the curing of brisket, plate, and rump cuts from fairly high-grade beef carcasses in pickle.Basic chemicals evolve into high-performance ceramics, to single-crystal silicon and high-grade crystal glass.They are the men who swamped Britain with fresh supplies of high-grade ecstasy in the final months of 1999.Circle 121 A new high-grade fluorescence spectrophotometer from Hitachi Scientific Instruments made its first appearance.high-grade oilThese days, nobody cared what high-grade powder he put up his nose, whom he spent the night with.Blagdon supply Bio-Filter Medium high-grade semi porous light clay granules with a large surface area.Not high-grade stuff, Patterson had said, but bloody useful to get the figures in advance if you held shares.
From Longman Business Dictionaryhigh-gradeˈhigh-grade adjective [only before a noun]1of high quality750 million barrels high-grade crude oilhigh-grade beef2FINANCE high-grade bonds etc have a low risk of DEFAULT (=not being repaid)the return on high-grade corporate bonds
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