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high ground

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhigh groundhigh grounda) an area of land that is higher than the area surrounding it Villagers herded the livestock to high ground to keep them safe during the floods. b) a better, more moral, or more powerful position in an argument or competition Neither side in this conflict can claim the moral high ground. high
Examples from the Corpus
moral high groundSome corporations have seized the moral high ground.It occupied the moral high ground and refused to budge.Its members view themselves as occupants of the moral high ground because they see their cause as legitimate, their crimes political.The candidates held the moral high ground because they stood up and offered to serve.Stick to the moral high ground by blaming the current system for not saving as many lives as it might.But such a brash grasp for the moral high ground called for an answer.The new alliance will attempt to win the moral high ground from anti-abortion and antivivisection groups, he says.Television is therefore seen to be taking the moral high ground, the side of the punter against the forces of evil.
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