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high life/living

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhigh life/livinghigh life/livingSPEND MONEYRICHthe enjoyable life that rich and fashionable people have We’re all stuck here, while he’s off living the high life in New York. high
Examples from the Corpus
high life/livingHe told the villa's owner Count Robert de Beaumont how much he loved the sun-soaked Costa high life.He was a lively and stylish writer, and contributed a column to the Jerusalem Post on high life and low living.But this is one weekend, he thought, when there will be high living and no thinking.His dream had finally run out in an Arabian nightmare of high living and questionable favours.As in Shakespeare, there are scenes of high life and scenes of low life.It looked like the high life, but it was life on borrowed time.But other authorities also face recruiting difficulties, which suggests that the problem extends beyond high living costs and poor pay.
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