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high/low water

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhigh/low waterhigh/low waterHEOthe highest or lowest level of the sea and some rivers syn tide water
Examples from the Corpus
high/low waterThe chief drawback to small-scale silage-making is the extra physical work involved in handling the green crop with its high water content.My father felt I should stay in my marriage come hell or high water.They hugged the shore, Clayt pulling hard on the wheel at unseen shoals, flying over low water.Throughout November and December a few big cod can be taken over low water from the end of the sandbar on night tides.They said high water levels in the Sacramento delta, which spills into the San Francisco Bay, were also worrisome.But it was a misreading to suppose that the vote then marked the high water mark on the issue.They currently pay some of the highest water charges in the country.Why are current city water users subsidizing this madness with higher water rates?
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