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high-pressureˌhigh-ˈpressure adjective [only before noun]  1 BUSY/HAVE A LOT TO DOa high-pressure job or situation is one in which you need to work very hard syn stressful2 high-pressure sales/selling methods etc3 TZcontaining or using a very high pressure or force of water, gas, air etc high-pressure hoses
Examples from the Corpus
high-pressureA short-circuit set off an explosion in the high-pressure chamber, a fire brigade official said.Scientists assume that those planets' high-pressure cores contain metal hydrogen.The ease with which the dissolved high-pressure gases can escape from Hawaiian magmas leads to some very spectacular eruptions.Workers used high-pressure hoses to clean the rocks after the oil spill.She decided to give up her high-pressure job on Wall Street.In branched polymers such as the older, high-pressure, polyethylene the molecular-weight between side chains is relevant.A high-pressure pump would be fitted to the outlet and the mix pumped along solid piping to the second floor.Next, the compressor in the outdoor unit compresses the gas into a hot high-pressure state.These plant grains are heated under pressure till their water-content has turned to high-pressure steam.In some places army reserves were called out to protect public property, and in Manchester high-pressure water-hoses were used against demonstrators.
From Longman Business Dictionaryhigh-pressureˈhigh-ˌpressure adjective [only before a noun]1a high-pressure job or situation is one where you need to work extremely hard SYN STRESSFULHe helped launch the television network and then left the high-pressure job after disagreements with a colleague.2MARKETING high-pressure sales/selling methods etc very direct methods of selling that try to force people to buyThey used high pressure sales tactics to force unwary customers to buy securities that were worthless.
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