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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhigh-pricedˌhigh-ˈpriced adjective  costing a lot of money opp low-priced, inexpensive high-priced apartments
Examples from the Corpus
high-pricedAll of which indicates the Charter Committee believes you really want more high-priced bureaucrats.From the perspective of economic analysis, children are high-priced consumption goods that are rapidly becoming more expensive.Some of the consultants were found to have spent money from the project on gifts and on unnecessarily high-priced hotel rooms.Corning's high-quality, high-priced pots and pans are more vulnerable to recession than more humble vessels.Some of us are wearing stylish golf shoes and some are wearing the high-priced sneakers of Tiger Woods' favorite shoe company.These garments now await the guile of high-priced tailors before transfer to my hotel.Just pick up the nearest hunk of high-priced technology you have on hand and hurl it against the wall.
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