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high principles/ideals

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhigh principles/idealshigh principles/idealsGOOD/MORALideas about personal behaviour based on the belief that people should always behave in an honest and morally good way a man of high moral principles high
Examples from the Corpus
high principles/idealsHenry Lunn, one of the major figures of the early days of organized travel, was also inspired by high ideals.They put short-term expediency and selfish interest before the application of high principles.Though it created problems in times of political crisis, it was the price one had to pay for pursuing high ideals.What we worship these days is financial success, as though it automatically confers high principles and admirable character.He believed genuinely in high principles and aims even if he was not yet assured of a sense of perspective.Her virginity is one of the highest ideals in Catholicism.The war, the president insists, is about higher principles than control of a grubby liquid in the ground.
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