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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhigh-riskˌhigh-ˈrisk adjective [only before noun]  RISKinvolving a risk of death, injury, failure etc opp low-risk high-risk investmentshigh-risk patients/groups etc cancer screening for women over 55 and other high-risk groupssee thesaurus at dangerous
Examples from the Corpus
high-riskSo, for the right person, corporate finance is both a high-risk and high-reward career option.A polio vaccine is recommended before travelling to high-risk areas.We are getting the message across to drug users that sharing needles is a high-risk behaviour.Should your management bet the company on a high-risk business strategy?It will be a high-risk enterprise with many more ways of getting it badly wrong than even a bit right.Yeltsin, as he is inclined to do when backed into a corner, has taken a high-risk gamble.The third high-risk group comprises manual workers without hobbies and interests, whose entire social contact has been based on their workplace.The AIDS awareness campaign was targeted mainly at high-risk groups, especially drug users and prostitutes.Merely asking for a genetic test moved her into a high-risk insurance category.a high-risk investmentBuying a restaurant is a high-risk investment.high-risk occupations such as construction workOf course, high-risk patients should get flu shots.Ornish has demonstrated reversal of artery clogging in high-risk patients.The drug may help to reduce strokes in high-risk patients.It was a high-risk strategy to attack with such a small number of planes, but it was brilliantly successful.high-risk patients/groups etcBeta blockade should also be considered in the high-risk patients.Bronchoscopy is a time-consuming, hospital-bound procedure; ideally the technique should be limited to high-risk patients.Ornish has demonstrated reversal of artery clogging in high-risk patients.Our policy is not to give beta blockers to everybody, only those in high-risk groups.Other high-risk patients are those undergoing therapy with immunosuppressive agents, anti-cancer drugs and steroids.Of course, high-risk patients should get flu shots.Tests are currently confined to high-risk groups such as drug users and homosexuals.This study shows the value of clinical follow-up of high-risk patients to detect early thin melanomas.
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