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high seas

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhigh seasˌhigh ˈseas noun   the high seas
Examples from the Corpus
high seasIsaac resembled a captain at the helm in high seas.The crew abandoned the tug, forcing the Coast Guard to send a swimmer out in high seas to rescue them.He had no alternative but to trust his fortune to fate and the high seas.They swim and they dance and they cruise the high seas.Did his dad go mad with all the loneliness on the high seas?For many years the use of drift nets on the high seas has been banned altogether.They were neither accurate nor able to run true against the assault of changing temperature on the high seas.Confounding the king's enemies by slipping ghost-like through these arid wastes as once our ancestors held sway over the high seas.
From Longman Business Dictionaryhigh seasˌhigh ˈseas noun [plural] the areas of ocean that do not belong to any particular countrythe need to establish regional organizations which would regulate fishing on the high seas and settle disputes compare territorial waters
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