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high-speedˈhigh-speed ●○○ adjective [only before noun]  1 TTFAST/QUICKdesigned to travel or operate very fast a high-speed trainhigh-speed computer/network/modem etc high-speed Internet accesssee thesaurus at fast2 high-speed chase
Examples from the Corpus
high-speedA TriFlex controller uses high-speed buffers to manage data flow between the buses.But high-speed cache memory is expensive.Monday, during a high-speed chase through the streets of the Baja California state capital.It also provides onsite customer support, a dedicated high-speed Internet connection, security, and fire detection and suppression.The era of high-speed jet travel began after the end of World War II.The crash happened after a high-speed mainline train smashed into a freight service, near Selby, north Yorkshire.Fibre Channel Standard technology was also featured for the first time in a cluster and high-speed networking environment.Close to 2 million people now enjoy the sport, which combines elements of skateboarding and surfing into a high-speed slalom.Journey times have been reduced considerably since the introduction of high-speed trains.high-speed computer/network/modem etcKidder cites the recruiting strategy Tom West picked up from Seymour Cray, the legendary designer of high-speed computers.The big important stuff, in other words, worked pretty well, because it was off by itself on high-speed networks.Next month, it was learned yesterday, StrataCom will announce multimillion-dollar contracts to sell high-speed networking switches.This offers high-speed modem users the chance to cut costs.
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