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high table

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhigh tableˌhigh ˈtable noun [singular, uncountable]  British EnglishDFSS the table where the most important people at a formal occasion sit syn head table
Examples from the Corpus
high tableThe Prince acknowledged their greetings as he and his favourite sat in the two great throne-like chairs at the high table.He and Bowyer sat at the high table, the Santerres and ourselves were treated as onlookers.He had seen her sitting at the high table among the other ladies of noble birth who served the Empress.A chamberlain showed them to their seats just beneath the high table, which was dominated by a pearl-encrusted silver salt cellar.They lit the whole of the high table, startling the prince's grave face into gaiety.The finger-bowl goes on the high table.He left his place and came round the high table to kiss Philip's hand, and was himself embraced and kissed.
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