2 adverb

above the ground

at or to a level high above the ground, the floor etc [≠ low]:
He kicked the ball high into the air, over the heads of the crowd.
high above/into etc
Hotel Miramar is situated high above the bay.
A ski lift whisks you high into the mountains.


at or to a high value, cost, amount etc [≠ low]:
If prices shoot up any higher, no-one will be able to afford to live in the area.
Tom scored higher than anyone else in the class.


C with a high sound:
A strange cry rang high into the night.


at or to a high rank or level of achievement, especially within a company [≠ low]:
It seems that the higher you rise, the less time you have to actually do your job.
My parents always encouraged me to aim high.

(leave somebody/something) high and dry

a) if someone is left high and dry, they are left without any help or without the things that they need
b) if a boat, area etc is left high and dry, it is left on land because the water that surrounded it has gone down:
The once-thriving port of Rye was left high and dry as sea levels retreated.

look/search high and low

to try to find someone or something by looking everywhere:
We looked high and low for Sandy but couldn't find her.

➔ hold your head high

at hold1 (16)

➔ live high on the hog

at live1 (26)

➔ be riding high

at ride1 (6)

➔ run high

at run1 (28)

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