high‧ly S2 W2
1 [+ adjective, adverb] very
highly successful/effective/efficient
a highly successful politician
Tom's mother was highly critical of the school's approach.
highly competitive industries
a highly desirable neighborhood
highly unlikely/likely/improbable/probable
It's highly unlikely that the project will be finished on time.
T.S. Eliot's highly influential poem, 'The Waste Land'
a highly controversial issue
2 [+ adjective, adverb] to a high level or standard
highly skilled/trained/educated
She is a highly educated woman.
highly paid experts
a highly developed economy

highly placed

in an important or powerful position:
a highly placed government official

highly strung

especially British English high-strung American English nervous and easily upset or excited:
a highly strung child
5 if you think highly of someone or something, you think they are very good and you admire them
think/speak highly of somebody
I've always thought very highly of Michael.

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