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highly geared

From Longman Business Dictionaryhighly gearedˌhighly ˈgeared British English, highly leveraged American English adjectiveFINANCE1having a lot of debt in relation to SHARE CAPITAL. This is important when considering the cost of repaying debt in relation to paying DIVIDENDs to SHAREHOLDERs, and in questions of ownership of the companyMany firms are highly geared, having borrowed to expand their businesses. Now, with incomes falling, interest payments are almost impossible to meet.There still are many highly leveraged companies that are close to defaulting.2a highly leveraged or highly geared loan etc is one where a lot of money is borrowed in relation to the amount of capital already held by the borrowerHighly geared first-time buyers were especially at risk when interest rates began rising.a bank that lent money to finance a highly leveraged transaction that failed
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