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highwayhigh‧way /ˈhaɪweɪ/ ●●● S3 W2 noun [countable]  1 especially American EnglishTTR a wide main road that joins one town to another Interstate Highway 75 freeway, expressway, motorway2 the public highway3 highway robbery
Examples from the Corpus
highwayThat kind of freewheeling discussion is the norm in other realms where public health is the issue, such as highway safety.Travellers today can cross the Alps in less than a day due to the excellent highways and railroads.The four-lane highway curved and straightened and curved.Associated with this is the cross comparison of highway and rail investment on the same cost benefit basis.There's a rest stop somewhere on Highway 61.One story had Mix trailering his famous steed as he sped along the highway.A collection of Arizona tales organized by the highway you drive to see their settings.After all, Woodforde's on the highway into the city.I got onto the highway and drove as fast as I could.The governor will unveil an extraterrestrial-themed highway sign, and a panel discussion by UFOlogists will ensue.
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