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highwaymanhigh‧way‧man /ˈhaɪweɪmən/ noun (plural highwaymen /-mən/) [countable]  SHSCLsomeone who stopped people and carriages on the roads and robbed them, especially in the 17th and 18th centuries
Examples from the Corpus
highwaymanThe countryside was his enemy: uncouth heather and highwayman copses kept taking his jewel and hiding it.Local lore has it that the hands belong to a convicted highwayman who would hold up carriage-travellers in the early nineteenth century.However, highwaymen and armed guerrilla bands were becoming more numerous, especially along the roads from the seacoast to the capital.Many of the highwaymen became legends.He could tell the highwayman was stone dead.The highwayman had assumed it was a lance, but now a curved blade sprang out and glittered blue along its edges.The highwayman, having cheated the law for years, hanged for £ 4 of horseflesh.I think your highwayman is a cunning and resourceful villain.
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