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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhilarityhi‧lar‧i‧ty /hɪˈlærəti/ noun [uncountable]  LAUGHlaughter, or a feeling of fun Eva joined in the hilarity as much as anyone.
Examples from the Corpus
hilarityTo say that the men were in good spirits would but faintly express their good humor and hilarity.Pantomime - what a good excuse to forget your age and join in with the booing, hissing, singing and hilarity.The general hilarity began to infect me and I could see Louise catching it.From an attitude of generosity, warm feeling and motherly goodness, she now had shifted into a mood of high hilarity.Gloria's costume caused a good deal of hilarity.The seeds of hilarity spring from within me.I drove without a word, letting myself float on the wave of their hilarity.Fortunately there was little damage, so I can remember the event with hilarity.
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