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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhillbillyhill‧bil‧ly /ˈhɪlbɪli/ noun (plural hillbillies) [countable]  American EnglishCOUNTRYSIDEINSULT an insulting word meaning an uneducated poor person who lives in the mountains
Examples from the Corpus
hillbillyIf it was necessary, I could do hillbilly stuff.This is not to say, however, that the ramp is strictly hillbilly food.Berry adapted Johnson's self-taught hillbilly style to his guitar and emerged as frontman of the renamed Chuck Berry Trio.From sultry crooners to hillbilly boogie, Case's voice always sounds at home in her material.One good thing is that the extended family of toothless hillbillies who used to live down the street moved away.Beyond that, it promises to provide a weekly primer on dopey and unctuous behavior among upscale hillbillies who dress well.And Samuel Turner Stevens, on fretless banjo, demonstrates the ties between white hillbilly music and rural blues.
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