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hillsidehill‧side /ˈhɪlsaɪd/ ●○○ noun [countable]  DNthe sloping side of a hill
Examples from the Corpus
hillsideHer house was built on a hillside overlooking the ocean.He could see the grassy wilderness forming a high bank beyond the old bulging stone wall that held back the encroaching hillside.The high hillside was hollowed out a long, long time ago, in order to create an amphitheater facing the sea.The harsh logic of survival ruled out such fancies, and not a voice was raised in protest from the listening hillside.The upper part of the village of Whittington lies on the south-east slope of a steep hillside.Faint news of the whistle from the nearby paper mill broadcast from the hillsides.Control over the distribution of cocaine has been settled in the hillside slum communities.Continue on a clear path up the hillside to reach a stile on the ridge.The hillsides are still gray from the bare twigs.
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