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HinduHin‧du /ˈhɪnduː, ˌhɪnˈduː◂/ noun (plural Hindus) [countable]  RRHsomeone whose religion is HinduismHindu adjective a Hindu temple
Examples from the Corpus
HinduHer replacement, Sister Nirmala, was born a Hindu but converted to Catholicism and has been with the order since 1958.One day a telegram arrived from a Hindu warning the Mahatma not to condemn Hindus for what they had done.Anyway, he pointed out, by and large Hindus have a sense of humour.Daily and festive worship in the temple is being observed.Most Hindus worship daily, in one of many possible ways.The Ganges: sacred river of Hindus.An orthodox Hindu must not touch an untouchable or anything an untouchable touches.The Hindus recognise three levels of consciousness: 1.Men with feminine propensities might turn to women, and the soul of a blood-thirsty Hindu could be reincarnated in an animal.
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