Date: 1600-1700
Origin: Probably from hent 'act of seizing' (16-17 centuries), from Old English hentan 'to seize'


1 noun
hint1 [countable]
1 something that you say or do to suggest something to someone, without telling them directlyCOLLOCATIONS COLLOCATIONS
hint that give (somebody) a hint drop a hint (=give a hint) take/get a hint also take/get the hint (=understand someone's hint) broad/strong/heavy hint (=one that is very easy to understand) subtle/vague/gentle hint (=one that is not very easy to understand)
There have been hints that he may take up coaching.
'Look, I can't tell you.' 'Oh, come on, give me a hint .'
hint about/as to
Miles had been dropping heavy hints about the cost of petrol.
I made it clear I wasn't interested in him, but he didn't take the hint.
2 a very small amount or sign of something
hint of
'When?' he asked with a hint of impatience.
We shall have to turn back if there's the slightest hint of fog.
3 a useful piece of advice about how to do something [= tip]
hint on/about
helpful hints on looking after house plants

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