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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhippyhip‧py /ˈhɪpi/ noun [countable]  x-refanother spelling of hippie
Examples from the Corpus
hippyA fringed cotton shoulder bag hung over one shoulder and he was the very image of a hippy or New-Age traveler.I met my first hippies there and liked them, liked their music, liked their style.His pop genius was ruined by idiotic hippy ideology.And then there were the free pop concerts which attracted as many as a quarter of a million hippies.It also provided another link between the radicals and the radicalized hippies.First they let the house go to rack and ruin, then the garden; now they were sheltering hippies.And the local council is urging Oxfam to cancel the event, fearing the hippies will return.And so, last year, he fobbed his house off on a couple of unsuspecting hippies, and split.
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