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historicalhis‧tor‧i‧cal /hɪˈstɒrɪkəl $ -ˈstɔː-, -ˈstɑː-/ ●●○ W2 adjective [usually before noun]  1 SHrelating to the past places of historical interest It is important to look at the novel in its historical context.2 connected to the study of historyhistorical evidence/research etc3 SHhistorical events, facts, people etc happened or existed in the past Was King Arthur a real historical figure?4 SHAdescribing or based on events in the past a historical novelhistorically /-kli/ adverb How historically significant is this discovery?
Examples from the Corpus
historicalThe structure and relationships of the contemporary organs of government can be understood only in historical context.In approaching any historical document there should be a progression from lower order to higher order thinking.I said at the beginning of the book that 50 percent was documented historical fact.The legend of John Henry is based on a real, historical figure.the Historical Library in SpringfieldAlthough sparsely populated, the country offers foreign travelers everything from historical monuments and castles to authentic saunas and high-tech industry.But the historical odds will be long.Other reactionary politicians vie to appropriate historical symbols of pre-communist antiquity.of historical interestAnd she had said she wanted to see places of historical interest.These complexities are now mainly of historical interest and are not discussed further.It's a fact of historical interest, nothing more.historical evidence/research etcMany staff have interests in the application of social science theories and methods in historical research.Labour history too has developed into a recognizable historical research area and women's history is following suit.Locke faces the objection that there is no historical evidence for his account of the creation of political authority.C., but biblical and historical evidence indicates that he actually was born several years earlier.It is important to understand the problematic nature of historical evidence, its advantages and failings, its certainties and its contentions.With ample historical evidence on their side, the expansionists replied that visibility was a tested means of swelling research budgets.This was predictable, though, looking back at historical evidence relating to a Friday Christmas.While based upon an extensive data base and significant historical research, this Rand report has been criticized as being too pessimistic.
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