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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhistrionicshis‧tri‧on‧ics /ˌhɪstriˈɒnɪks $ -ˈɑːn-/ noun [plural]  EMOTIONALvery loud and emotional behaviour that is intended to get sympathy and attention – used to show disapprovalhistrionic adjective
Examples from the Corpus
histrionicsTheir glances only drove him to greater histrionics.Turning her histrionics down gives us a chance to watch the many wondrous things she can do well.He accused me of histrionics and dubbed me Sarah Bernhardt, after the crown princess of stage and silent movie melodrama.After Jett's histrionics, I didn't know how much more I could take.That act, after all the histrionics from his team-mates in this series, sparked off an ugly reaction.The most ostentatious team in professional sports made the decision to play football and let the histrionics take care of themselves.Mr Mubarak's cautiousness used to be welcomed as an antidote to the histrionics of Nasser and Sadat.Sanchez's touchline histrionics evoked memories of some of Martin O'Neill's maddest moments on the same turf.
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