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hit a (brick) wall

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhit a (brick) wallhit a (brick) wallinformal to suddenly not be able to make any progress I felt I’d hit a wall with my playing. hit
Examples from the Corpus
hit a (brick) wallA man and his woman pillion passenger died instantly when they lost control of the machine and hit a wall.But by the mid-1970s, his career apparently hit a wall.But then Sumlin came on and hit a wall.He died because his car hit a wall.In these sessions, men generally will talk about the conflicts between job and family, but then hit a wall.Now she has hit a brick wall and has written to me to highlight the problem.He hit a wall hard enough to briefly ignite a magnesium wheel, but refused to slow down.Must rising wages and expanding production hit a brick wall, leading to layoffs and falling output?
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