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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhit-and-missˌhit-and-ˈmiss (also hit-or-miss) adjective  DISORGANIZEDdone in a way that is not planned or organizedrandom The campaign was rather a hit-and-miss affair.
Examples from the Corpus
hit-and-missThe legal procedure is far too clumsy and hit-and-miss.a hit-and-miss advertising campaignThe resolution of the many conflicts between farmers and environmentalists remains a hit-and-miss affair.Quite often though, through various hit-and-miss applications, he would get one of the engines running.Their copulations can not be the somewhat hit-and-miss gropings practised by the millipedes.We approach it in a hit-and-miss sort of way instead of through a systematic communication programme.
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