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hit list

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhit listˈhit list noun [countable]  informalBADPLAN the names of people, organizations etc that a person or group plans to harmon somebody’s hit list He was on a terrorist’s hit list.hit list of The company drew up a hit list of shops it expects to close.
Examples from the Corpus
hit listSome banks also have a hit list of people whom they threaten to sue for damages.Allied-Lyons was also said to be on the Goldsmith hit list.Detective Bobby Caruso was at the top of his hit list.This afternoon that put them on environment minister Michael Howard's hit list.Slow play is at the head of this particular magazine's hit list, and quite rightly so.This will narrow your choice to a smaller hit list of suitable shoes.on somebody’s hit listAllied-Lyons was also said to be on the Goldsmith hit list.If Coleman was next on the hit list, they would in any case be safer travelling on their own.
From Longman Business Dictionaryhit listˈhit list informal a list of organizations, people etc against which someone is planning to take actionMost companies, even small ones, have middle managers on their hit lists.Alcohol and tobacco are at the top of the tax hit list. list
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