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hit/strike home

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhit/strike homehit/strike homeif a remark, situation, or experience hits home, it makes you realize how serious, difficult, or dangerous something is She could see that her remark had hit home. home
Examples from the Corpus
hit/strike homeAnd to go back to your start-up page hit Home.By the early 1970s, this realization had already hit home.She could see that her remark had hit home.Within hours, the reality of the situation had hit home.His comment hit home for me, as both therapist and layperson.It must have struck home in some way.They spend much of the book showing how various companies have used them to hit home runs or strike out.The reality of the war didn't hit home until someone from the neighborhood was killed.All of a sudden the hollowness of our triumph over nature hit home with striking effect.
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