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hit the jackpot

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhit the jackpothit the jackpota) WINto win a lot of money b) SUCCEED IN DOING somethingto have a big success Owens hit the jackpot in his first professional game with the Cowboys. hit
Examples from the Corpus
hit the jackpotHe felt as if he'd hit the jackpot.It could be that Grätzel's attempts to harness cheap solar energy may finally have hit the jackpot.On lottery day, Boston Marathon officials discovered they had hit the jackpot.The 1987 Sunflowers tour hit the jackpot.Vernon hits the jackpot Cardiff 2, Bath 3.But they'd had a thorough look through his life just to be sure and hit the jackpot entirely by chance.And six days later she hit the jackpot ... when Bonnie paid back the cash.He really hit the jackpot when he married Cindy.This time, though, they hit the jackpot with number 3 from Richard Jones.
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